Day One Festival – Review

Day One Festival – Review

What day are we on?  One thing WeKnow, is that DayOne was completely insane.  January 1st, we hopped into a taxi and headed for Digbeth, Birmingham, for a party that looked like something that wouldn’t have been out of place on that White Isle.  Any line-up that includes MK, Squillace and Tanzmann is pretty much guaranteed to be amazing.  Birmingham, has for the last few years had a promotion team putting on a daytime rave titled GLAS: a hedonistic playground for Gays Lesbians and Straights.  The music policy at these events has always been tough upfront house and techno (with a smidgen of baseline for good measure).

As we approached the entrance to this ‘promised world’ we could feel the thundering bass, this was going to be fun.  Tickets checked. Let’s go.

The event incorporated 2 warehouses, a converted car park and an entire street.  Oh and a few dinosaurs here and there for good measure.  On the street, an already heaving crowd was being treated to the mixing skills of local lad Alex Parkin, and by the look of the Huaraches back-and-fourthing we knew that he held their attention!  #shuffle.  We headed for the TRMNL (pro Terminal FYI) arena.  TRMNL, the Big Brother of GLAS and The Leader of all things underground in the second city, were hosts to the almighty Davide and Matthias.  However.  5pm was time to get Lo.  One DJ that needs watching this year, is a regular at TRMNL and has got to be one of the most exciting DJs, male or female around.  Lauren LoSung.  There is Something’ about Her that is mesmerising: her set was impeccable, some techno events can seem repetitive and predictable.  Not when the original LoLife takes to the stage.  And stage is a the correct noun here! She performs.  WeLoveLauren (get those hands up).  We spoke to Lauren after her set to find out what 1 track summed up her set, P.E.T. – “Girlfriend”.  She wouldn’t say this, but for me, her “Somethin’ about chu'” was a highlight for us, well done Lauren! xxx


What’s always nice at an event like this, is that it attracts people from all corners of the country.  WeFound ourselves with a group from Manchester, who’d come to see Tanzmann, they couldn’t believe what they were witnessing, although it was a ‘street’, it felt as though you were partying in a far flung military compound, the camouflage netting draped cul-de-sac, providing the perfect space in which to lose yourself to the insane music that was assaulting the submissive crowd.  Whether it was a result of it being NYD and not NYE, who will know; but the crowd appeared somewhat memorised by the production and atmosphere that had been created by the team.  Hats off to you all.

It was time.  Ladies and certain gentleman, get ready…. He Is Coming…. Davide *swoon*…. The Italian God was about to grace the TRMNL room.  Kudos to the production team here, the pyrotechnics and laser show were incredible, a perfect match to the Italian’s undeniable, incomprehensible and downright incredible mixture of house and techno.  From the raised platforms at the back, to the front-faithfull, the crowd literally encapsulated every single drop and ‘stutter’ of this mixing giant.  WeLoveDavide (well I do xx).


MK and Huxley both proved why they are regarded as 2 of the biggest names in house.  They were outstanding.  It’s been a long, long, long time since I have been in somewhere that is shoulder-to-shoulder full.  RAMMED and ROCKING.  The whole atmosphere that had been created by the production team, meant that the music was somewhat held hand-in-hand by the crowded devoted, bequeath upon the Function One stacks that dominated the stage and surrounding street.  Then something happened: Waze & Odyssey.  Boys, take a bow.  WeHaven’t witnessed a set that like for a long while.  The street was literally standing room only: packed, rammed, bouncing, ecstatic.  They delivered something special. This was the first time we had seen this duo mix, and fucking believe me, it will not be the last.  Their set was insane! Not seen so many smily faces and beat-drops for a long time, and lord-be-praised was it good.  If I could teleport back to that moment I would, (ignoring the moment I fell off the curb of course, fucking useless bastard paving stones). House music had landed, smashed and beaten its way through the masses to welcome in this new year, the year of the goat!


Some may say that the street was too full, WeSay bollocks!!  These days, promotors can’t get it right, either it’s dead, or oversold. Stop It Now.   This event was full, and thankfully it was! It provided an amazing atmosphere and an experience that will last a lifetime.

The event was amazing.  I won’t dismiss those that had difficulty with getting in, but I will add that the event organisers have and are dealing with this issue.  But, for those who were there, it was the perfect start to 2015, which looks like it is going to deliver some of the best events that this city has to offer.  We left well and truly TRMNL’D!!!  Thanks boys!




WeLoveDJs xxx