Would You Like Cream With That?

Would You Like Cream With That?


YES, YES, YES!!!  The boys at Cream Birmingham are back in town!!!! Fresh from a ‘mid-show’ pop-up from the Mambo Boys’ et al, Mambo Sessions. They are once again opening the pot of their Rainbow, to Cream Birmingham, to take-over of their almighty warehouse, The Rainbow Venues, for their 9th Birthday Party!!!  WeCantWait!

When a line-up has: #Terry, #Romero, #X-Press2, #Rhythmmasters, #Probyn, #Catherall, #Kafetzis, #FakeProfile, #Jay, #Schmitz + more, on the menu,  it surely annihilates any Saturday Night plans!  Let’s face it, Strictly X Bollocks stands about as much chance as Madonna’s Cape associate stands at re-employment!!

9 years have flown!!  Birmingham is lucky!  Very Lucky!  With Nation due for it’s swan song this festive season, the ‘brummies’ need to be thankful of their glorious link to one of the world’s most successful clubbing brand.  Come and celebrate!  Crush a grape!  Stomp a Balenciaga (other footwear permitted), shake a tail-feather, heck – even the odd shuffle will be permitted!  The City Belongs To Cream.  Birmingham shall not stop dancing!!

Full review to follow…..



WeLoveDjs xx

Tickets available from: Cream 9th Birthday Tickets


#JeSuisParis xx (RIP to all lost, keep on dancing in heaven x)