O U R H O U S E  |  P R E – R E V I E W | J A C K  T O L D  U S  T O ! |

O U R H O U S E | P R E – R E V I E W | J A C K T O L D U S T O ! |

When Jack boldly declared: “Let there be House!” Little did he know just what an impact this particular genre of music would have! Firstly on a generation! Ask any club kid from the ‘80’s, “Who’s your latest 12” by?” And gone were the glam-rockers and disco-divas; Chicago and Detroit had infiltrated their musical prowess and was holding court at record shops the length and breadth of the precincts, of the Kingdom United. Yes children, HOUSE music had arrived!




Whilst the ‘80’s kids rocked-to-the-rhythms of tracks like “In And Out My Lifeby Adeva, (which incidentally has been chopped and sampled by producers from hip-hop, garage and hard house), to Todd Terry’s acid influenced remix of “A Day In The Life” by Black Riot, the ‘80’s provided the U.K. music scene with a glimpse of it’s multi-coloured and psychedelic future:

In And Out Of My Life

Behold. The ‘90’s…… “You’re twisting my melon man!”

 The ‘90’s had arrived and had dragged in with it, a whole heap of producers, DJ’s, club nights, wanna-be gangsters, drugs, ‘fashions’ and, most importantly, The Spice Girls (WeLoveThem: Spice Up Your Fucking Lives!)

It was the decade of decadence; nightclubs became ‘SUPERCLUBS!’ Fred Perry, Stone Island and Burberry, suddenly became the obsession of every testosterone-fuelled knuckle-head (this was an acceptable term-o-phrase back in ‘t-day). Football and politics infiltrated popular culture and dominated pub-chat and how the ‘youth’ behaved. House music was adopted by many different cultural cults, who, in turn; remixed and invented the sound to suit their, a) need and b) audience.

Let us not forget when our saviour Jack threw down his box and declared, “Let there be house!” That he sequenced this with, “There is only house music!”

 What the U.K.’s club land preceded to do, was to follow in the instructional advice of ‘Jack!’ It delivered: the most diverse, multicultural, inter-generational, sexually permissive and interactional playground for the patrons of the almighty church of the music that was house!

The Midlands, saw some of the biggest House Brands on the planet dip their tippy-toes into the mist, Monneypenny’s, SLAG, Spin, Crazy Daisy’s, Wobble, Marco Polo, West End Bar, Peppers to name few; were responsible for the majority of DJ’s that we see today on the Midlands scene.

Among these names are 2 residents. Two DJ’s that have, produced, remixed and collapsed on piles of shame at the helms of the Midlands finest and most notorious of venues. George Kafetzis and Rue Jay.

From Red Leather productions, to ‘Mix-FM” pirate radio, these DJ’s have proven that hard work and sheer determination can produce greatness. Not your average fly-by-the-night promoters, these pair have combined 40 years experience in the house music game. Their dedication to house music and the Midlands Scene is 100% credible and what they have now planned is something short of miraculous! From Cream to RocknRolla, the diversity and dedication to their love of house is paramount. You will know what to expect. OR WILL YOU?

The boys have put together a night of ‘House Nostalgia’ to satisfy the most discerning of critics. ‘Our House’, will bring together the Midlands biggest brands to create a spectrum of music, crossing the many genres of it’s hay-day. The duo have curated a line-up of original ‘on-brand’ and guest DJ’s, to ensure that the original vibe and atmosphere is replicated, in what could be argued as the countries most iconic venues!

Central Hall will astonish the virgins and encapsulate the faithful. It’s warren of rooms and awe-astounding Main-Basilica’ will please even the biggest of biggest Billy-bore-offs!

If that wasn’t enough! This event will be sponsoring The Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Proceeds of the ticket sales and a percentage of MANY of the DJ’s fees will be donated to the hospital. Going to press, the club night has raised in excess of £2000, with a final total of near of £15,000! Fucking hats off boys!

WeLoveGenerosity and WeLoveBirminghamChildrensHospital.

The event has 50% sold out and is on course for a full SELL OUT. This can only mean good news for the families of those in the hospital.

Remember: Jack told us “You may be black, you may be white; you may be Jew or Gentile. It don’t make a difference in Our House.”

 House music is about to witness a union of all forms, to create a better tomorrow. Adeva wrote:

“You keep coming in and out of my life

I just can’t understand why

You keep coming in and out of my life.”

This May let us re-unite, drop some foot and raise some much-needed money for the kids!!!

WeLoveThis project and can’t wait to enter into their house, because “Once you enter my house it becomes OUR House and OUR HOUSE music.”  Tickets are literally flying out the door, so hurry the fuck up!! Xxx


Tickets available at: Our House Tickets