OurHouse – Interview with Rue Jay & George Kafetzis

OurHouse – Interview with Rue Jay & George Kafetzis



I met with Rue Jay & George Kafetzis, the house-hungry duo hosting one of the hottest tickets in town!  With a back catalogue larger than the back end of anybodies, this pair of DJ’s/Producers/Promotors/Magicians and mother fucking disco divas, I didn’t know what to expect!

Read on to explore the world that “Jack” created…this, is OurHouse

What was the concept behind OurHouse?

George:  It just came about after a phone call, Rue had been dodging my calls for a few days because I think deep down he knew I would convince him to put on ONE LAST SHOW.  We knew what we wanted to put on and I think we ended up booking the lineup in 48 hours!  To get the feedback that we have got from this show is truly humbling, we just can’t wait to deliver the party!

Rue: Exactly, we wanted to take people back to the glory days of clubbing. When it was all about the music, the vibe, the atmosphere. What we have created with this 12 hour rave will definitely leave people talking! We can’t wait and I personally have never been more excited about an event… And I’ve put on some rather large shows both in th UK and Ibiza! This show will shock!


You have chosen to make the event a charity one supporting the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  What was the motivation behind this?

Rue: I am doing this purely out of love for the music and as a bit of payback to the city that has been so good to me since my first Dj set at SLAG millennium right up until this current day. I wanted to show that it’s not about money, so we drafted in a local charity and I knew that BCH is a charity close to George’s heart, so was a no-brainer really.

George: He’s 100% right!  My youngest daughter swallowed a battery button when she was younger and the good people at the hospital saved her life!  When I was at the hospital I could see how understaffed they were.  They actually made a few mistakes with Jorja, that could of cost us dearly, however, she is safe and sound now and it’s all because of that hospital.  So when Rue said that he thought we should do it for a charity, we both agreed this is a fine one.  #raisewhileyourave
Birmingham’s club scene has had its chequered past but still, new events, rock to pop, to, trance through techno are appearing? What do you think it is about Birm’s clubs and clubbers that creates the unique scene it adopts?

Rue: I think Birmingham has a whole spectrum of music lovers. We also like to switch things up a bit so adapt and welcome new concepts. The second city has an amazing atmosphere at all parties and gigs. I’m very lucky to have witnessed some amazing events and will treasure those memories forever… and I’m sure there will be many to take away from OHR

George: Like Rue, I’ve been lucky enough to put on events for 15 years now and Birmingham has been the centre of it all.  If you think of all the brands that have started in this great city, it is testament to the amazing people that go out week in week out!  OurHouse is a true celebration of Birmingham Nightlife!


Let’s roll the cassette back!  MixFM & RedLeather, talk to me about these!

Rue: HAHA! Now then mix fm! I would say that pirate radio allowed my music to be heard by the big boys at the time in Birmingham so I’d like to say a Massive shout out to Scooby for the opportunity! Haha I sound like I’m presenting on air right now! You lost me at Red leather? Have I missed something? Haha

George:  That’s aimed at me Rue!  Red Leather was a label set up by myself and Will Bailey!  Hustling vinyl in the early days, he went on to work with you Ru, for Rocknrolla and now is a superstar DJ, travelling the world.  I always knew he would do it!  Big Respect to Will!


You’ve chosen Central Hall, as the venue for your House Music Marathon (#HMM…  I’m claiming that one lads), why does this venue hold significance for you both?

George:  The Q Club, Central Hall, has given me personally a lot.  Back when it re-opended, the owners gave me an opportunity to put on a show.  Before that, I was throwing smaller parties around the city, albeit nothing on the scale of my first event at Q.  I would not be the person or promoter I am today if it wasn’t for that venue.  To return with OurHouse will be amazing.

Rue: I remember going their to a show back in my youth… It was Gatecrasher! The main hall was jam packed and I was gobsmacked at the sheer size and atmosphere! I was immediately hooked. The Q club as I’ll always know it holds a lot of nostalgia. There was no question about the venue choice. We moulded our house around the venue!


On to the night itself… Some of the most recognisable brands from the Second City are represented at OurHouse.   Which room are you most looking forward to seeing?

Rue: Most of them are my brands, so will be a mix of emotions for me personally! We will be recreating the original decor as well as DJs… Just a few more wrinkles haha! I wish I could split myself into 6 as there aren’t enough hours that I would like. However the main room is one that holds heavy significance for me as I chose the DJs and acts that rekindle memories of my entrance into the house music scene. These guys put me where I am NOW!

George: YEAH!  I wis I could get a clone machine!  I started my clubbing days at The Steering Wheel, listening to Mark Jarman scratch to up every Friday!  I can say that I have enjoyed every brand representing, so it’s going to be really hard on the night.


You’ve brought back many of the original DJ’s to play on the night.  Are there any that you weren’t able to contact?  Or aren’t with us anymore?

Rue: I think Tony De Vit would be the obvious choice that sadly isn’t with us anymore. I’m sure he will be there in spirit! 95% of DJs asked, jumped at the chance to be a part of an event that is going to go down in true bham history and I can’t thank them enough!
George:  Absolutely, De Vit would be the dream!  We have however managed to pull together the Who’s Who of Birmingham clubbing.  It;s amazing that we have managed it!  We had to get some DJs out of retirement!


Central Hall ‘Q-Club’, is one of the countries most iconic venues.  From Gatecrasher, HardDrive, Cocoon, Sundissential, Pacha, Cream and the infamous SilverSlipper.  What is it about this Cathedral that draws thousands back time and time again?

(they look at each other, and declare)
Rue & George: It takes balls of steel to select a room that holds in excess of over 2000 people …and that’s the main room alone! I think it’s the sheer hype that surrounds any event at the venue. You ain’t wrong there lads! 



(Photo credit: Tamsin Mae Photography – Atomic Jam, Q Club)


You’ve both released mixes to tease us all ahead of the main event, if you had to select 1 track to be your highlight.  What would it be?

Rue: Faithless – Insomnia is a record that reminds me of my time as a young Dj growing up. It’s also one of my ‘bombs’ at every classics set that I ever play!

George:  It has to be Playing With Knives or Café Del Mar, oh no!  It might be Yeke Yeke?….  I can’t choose!  There are too many. haha
Well there you have it!  As this goes out, ticket sales are in excess of 60% sold.  In 2 months time, Birmingham will witness a spectacular.  Get your ticket now to avoid disappointment!

Massive thanks to Rue & George!  OurHouse is on 1 May 2016 at Central Hall, Birmingham.  Tickets available at…..Our House Rave – Central Hall, tickets!



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