WLDJS, Supports Brandon B!

WLDJS, Supports Brandon B!

Every now and then a DJ comes on the scene that has a seismic impact. Ladies and gentleman, gays, lesbian and undecided, allow us to fathom the wonder that is Brandon Block!

This last week saw one of house music’s most charismatic DJ’s enter the pop art themed carnival that is Celebrity Big Brother 2017! Currently enjoying resurgence in his DJ career, the London born DJ has been tossed into world of mindless craziness and haute-couture ideas of grandness. Yes, they have dug up a loose woman (I love you secretly Coleen bab), enlisted a host of American’s and chucked in Gazza’s baby, And thank the lord and stars above for the incredible eye candy too! Callum & Jamie x

Yes, this series of #CBB has kicked off and stands to be one of the most explosive yet!

Having watched it to date, it would appear that our beloved Brandon is known universally, with nearly all of the stars embracing the disk jockey with kind affection. I do wonder how many of them have ended up back at his Ibiza villa for a ‘We Love Sunday’s’ after party? Hhhmm? As we went to press, no close sources have approached.

 “Who is Brandon Block?” I hear you say! From a residency at ZigZag in Ealing to the legendary Space Terrace, BB has been a key player in the house music scene for 3 decades. Credited with being one half of a duo responsible for the outdoor Space Terrace, enlisted alongside his wingman Alex P, they are regarded as Ibiza Royalty by Pepe Rosello and millions of clubbers that have lost their minds staring at that beautiful brick wall on the terrace of the most mesmerising club in the world. SPACE IBIZA.

Last night, we saw the UK finally give its head a fucking wobble and Fabric was allowed to reopen! What this has done is show the importance of dance music and it’s relevance in our embedded culture. Brandon Block is more than a DJ; he is an export of British talent. His ability to control a crowd and deliver a mind-bending set is up there with the best! WeLoveBrandon and want ALL OF YOU to get behind this #legend and see him to the final!


The man is respected and admired by promoters, clubbers and DJ’s, let’s show some love, give back the “Oi Oi!”, Give him the “Brandon! Brandon!” Dance till our tits hurt, beg for “One More”, lets facking ave it!!!