Ten Walls | Queen | The homophobe returns

Ten Walls | Queen | The homophobe returns

A date has been set for the release of Marijus Adomaitis’ (AKA Ten Walls), debut album ‘Queen‘.  The Lithuanian producer has been somewhat quiet on the music scene since his 2015 homophobic rant which saw industry heavyweights Circoloco cancel his appearance at it’s DC-10 home; which triggered a media storm cumulating in the producer being dropped from all of the summer festivals and events.  Furthermore, the likes of Troxler and other key DJ’s from the house and techno scene publicly renouncing the producer as a homophobic disgrace.  A somewhat contrived apology was released (although I suspect this was not written by T’Walls) and he slithered his way off the scene into the pits of his own little pity party.  Boo hoo bitch.

Fast forward to current day.  Does time heal?  Do we forget?  Should we forgive and forget?  Perhaps.  The arguments on social media today have been fascinating to read, I spent a good hour this morning reading 458 comments on a Facebook thread.  It is clear that there is clearly still a deep-rooted hatred for the tainted producer, however, there are those that believe he should be given a second chance.

Considering the dance music, house, techno scene owes a debt of gratitude to the gay scene, I find it somewhat contradictory that the Lithuanian is so devoid of the very basic blocks that underpin his career and his contempt towards gay people seem so archaic, that I wouldn’t be surprised if he is personal friends with Fred Phelps himself!

Putting his disgraceful incident aside.  The teaser video for Queen has been dropped.

Some thoughts.

  1.  The music sounds fucking amazing
  2. Why has he titled the album ‘Queen’? Is this a silent dig at the gay community?  Or some dire attempt at irony?  Who knows, I’m sure this will be argued over the coming weeks.
  3. The video is so homoerotic it’s not true!  What’s with the ripped-to-shit male gymnast thrusting his perfectly honed carcass about the place!  Maybe old Walls is trying to tell us something!

So.  What to do?

There’s no doubt that this album teaser shows us that the homophobic c**t is capable of producing the most incredible sounds and what could be argued as one of the most exciting releases in electronic music this year.  This album, whether you loathe or love him, will cause (and has already) huge seismic waves through the music scene.

WeLoveEquality, and as such, we chose to display only a monochrome image for this post.  Black.  It sums up everything that we can possibly say.  Ten Walls made the most revolting comments about the LGBT community and this should not and will not be forgotten.  To compare homosexual people to peadophiles and make crude remarks about the anus of a 16 year old being ripped, were quite disgusting.  Whilst he is entitled to his own opinions, when you are an international music producer, you keep your filthy deranged and insane opinions to yourself.  You may deserve a second chance but the public will decide.

We cannot deny Ten Walls’ ability to make music.  But, it’ll be some time before he will be seen as a wholly credibly artist.  Homophobia has no place in society or music and should be challenged at every available moment.

If you are struggling with your sexuality or have been the victim of homophobia, help is available, and know that you are not alone.  The LGBT switchboard advice and helpline is available 10am-10pm on 0300 330 0630.